Starflower Software Dimlog Dimlog manual

To-do list

To sort the to-do items on a column, click on the column header above the column.

To edit a to-do item:

  • Double click on what you want to edit, or...
  • Select what you want to edit, and press Enter, or...
  • Right-click on a to-do item

To start working on a to-do item:

  1. Click on the button 'Time recording for the selected to-do item'
    The Time recording screen will be displayed. The categories that belong to the to-do item, will be selected.
  2. Select more detailed sub-categories when necessary, and click the Start button

The to-do list shows the to-do items that are assigned to you or to your group or to anyone. Uncheck the checkbox 'Only show my data', to show the to-do items of everyone.

To add a to-do item:

  1. Click the button 'Add to-do item'
    The following screen will display:
  2. Select the project on which the work has to be done
  3. Select the type of activity of the to-do item, when applicable
  4. Select the person or group that must perform (or is responsible for) the to-do item
  5. Fill in the description, and assign a due date when applicable
  6. Click on the button 'Add the to-do item'
  7. Click Ok in the confirmation dialog