Starflower Software Dimlog Dimlog manual

Concepts and Definitions

A Session is a period of time. Usually, a session is a time span during which you perform some task. The start time and stop time of sessions are stored in the file. Sessions can be entered manually, or timed using the Dimlog stopwatch. A running session is a session that has been started by someone using the Dimlog stopwatch and that has not been stopped yet.

A Category Tree is a set of hierarchical related categories. The category trees are visible in the main window of Dimlog. By default there are 3 category trees (Projects, Types of activity, and People). A category tree is often related to an important property of a session. For example, if it is important to which project a session belongs, then we would use a category tree called "Projects". This category tree would contain multiple categories for each project or subproject that is important.

A Category is a part of a category tree. Each session belongs to one category of each category tree. For example: A session belongs to one project, and one person. Categories can contain other subcategories (In this way, sessions can belong to multiple categories from one category tree). Categories together form a hierarchical tree structure.

The To-do List contains To-do Items. To-do items are also called tasks. They can have a due date. A to-do item belongs to one category of each category tree.

When a Filter is active, a subset of all sessions and to-do items are visible. By default, the filter is set on the current user. This means that by default only those sessions are shown that are related to the current user.