Starflower Software Dimlog Dimlog manual


You can scroll through the calendar with the arrows keys, or by using the Previous and Next Month buttons.

To-do items

To-do items are displayed on their due date. When a to-do item has no due date, it is not displayed on the calendar. Double-click or press Enter to open a To-do list with the to-do items for the selected day.

The calendar does not show to-do items that are assigned to someone else. Uncheck the checkbox 'Only show my data', to show all to-do items.

Time sessions

To display time sessions on the calendar, select 'Show time sessions'.

Time sessions are displayed on the calendar day on which they took place. They are displayed horizontally as rectangles. A time session of eight hours takes one third of the width of a calendar cell, because it is one third of a full day. Sessions that overlap, are displayed in separate rows. Double-click or press Enter to open a list of sessions of the selected day.