Starflower Software Dimlog Dimlog manual


Only data that is within the filter is shown, and can be edited. There are two types of filters: Category filters, and time range filters.

Filters can be set only in the Statistics view and in the Editing and Administration view.

Time range filters

A time filter allows us to view only those sessions that are in a specific time span, such as today, or the previous week. Click the button next to Filter: to set or remove a time range filter:

The Edit Filter dialog opens:

To remove the filter, click Remove filter, and then click Ok. It will also remove the category filter.

Category filters

Category filters can be set in the main screen of Dimlog. To add a category filter, right click on the category, and select "Filter on this category":

By default, there is a filter on the current user.

If the filter contains a category, then only sessions that belong to that category or one of its subcategories, are displayed. For to-do items it is a little more complex. To-do items are displayed if they belong to the category or a subcategory, or a parent category.