Time Recording Software

For the operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8   (32 or 64 bits)

Characteristics of Dimlog time recording software:
  • Time recording or manual time entry
  • Detailed logging using multiple hierarchical category trees
  • Timesheets and other statistics
  • Multi-user and single-user capable
  • Not web-based, but Windows file-based, no installation on a server is needed
  • The program is freeware (donations)
  • More information in the features list...
Time recording
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See also: Dimlog tutorial, Dimlog manual.

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Dimlog check list

What Dimlog can and cannot do. Check if Dimlog time tracking software meets your requirements.

Project data
Hierarchical project structure
Project dependencies cannot be specified
Link a file to a project
Assign a category to a time spending
It is not possible to add a note to a time spending
To-do list with due dates
Calendar with to-do items
Cost spendings entry is not supported
Multi-user access
Access the same data from multiple PCs at the same time
Easily filter to see only your own time entries
Every user has full access to all data
Install on Windows
No access through a browser
No Mac or Linux version
Use without installing from a USB-disk
It is not possible to synchronize two database files.
Data export and import
Export the complete data to XML
Import back the complete data from XML
Export statistics to CSV format
View graphs
Print a time sheet

See also the features list

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