Starflower Software Dimlog Dimlog manual


The Timesheet view can be used to generate and print timesheets. The timesheet shows the time spendings for one or more weeks, summarized per day.

The Timesheet is generated for the currently selected user. Another user can be selected in the Main screen.

You can choose the starting week and the number of weeks that are shown on the timesheet.

The Timesheet does not display data below the threshold of 0.1 hour.

You can customize the detail level that is displayed on the timesheet. A detail level of 2 for Projects, means that projects and subprojects are displayed, but not subsubprojects.

The size of the columns in the Timesheet screen influences the size of the columns on the print. You can resize the columns by dragging the dividing lines in the column header. When a column is very small, it will not be printed.

Click on the Save button to export the timesheet to the CSV format.