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Adapted Text to Clipboard

This option copies the selection to the clipboard. Bytes with the value of zero (0) are not written. Another value is written instead.
This option is an alternative to Copy of the Edit Menu, which literally copies all byte values of the selection to the clipboard. Then, when pasted to another application, a byte with the value of zero could be taken as the last byte of the paste, resulting in an incomplete paste.

You can specify the value to use before you copy the selection to the clipboard. Settings of Adapted Text to Clipboard has three sub menus:
  • Set Replace Value: Dot (46)
  • Set Replace Value: Space (32)
  • Set Replace Value: Other Value

Choose the third option if you want to use a value other than a space or a dot.

Select four bytes: 101, 0, 0, 61
Choose Set Replace Value: Dot (46).
Choose Adapted Text to Clipboard
The clipboard will contain: e..=
(in decimal values: 101, 46, 46, 61)