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Data Types Editor

This window is accessible through the View menu or by pressing F6. It shows the values of sixteen bytes from the current file, beginning with the one at the cursor position of the Edit All main window.

Copy these values as text to the clipboard by using Data Types to Clipboard of the Extra Menu.
Use Data Types from Clipboard of the Extra Menu to paste them to the file. The results of these menu options depend on the data type you choose.

The Data Types Editor has nine rows:

  • hexadecimal numbers (equal to Hexadecimal View)
  • unsigned 8 bits values (equal to Decimal View)
  • signed 8 bits values
  • unsigned 16 bits values
  • signed 16 bits values
  • unsigned 32 bits values
  • signed 32 bits values
  • 32 bits floating point values
  • 64 bits floating point values

Example: You have a file that contains a header of 17 bytes, and then a list of numbers coded as unsigned 16 bits integers. To view the numbers, first move the cursor of the main window to position 18, and press F6. The Data Types Editor opens. You find the numbers you need on the row with the label: Unsigned 16 bits.

Use Page Up and Page Down to scroll the file. You can always go back to the main window and use Ctrl + Z to undo changes you made in the Data Types Editor. Change a record of the Data Types Editor and press Enter, Arrow Up or Arrow Down to apply this change to the file.

You will see sixteen 8 bits integers in a row, eight 16 bits integers in a row, and four 32 bits integers in a row, etc. If the cursor position of this window is close to the end of the file, you will see less numbers than normally fit in.