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Data Types to Clipboard

Menu: Extra, Data Types to Clipboard.

This menu option copies the current selection to the clipboard as text, while interpreting the content of the file as one of the following data types:

  • 8 bits unsigned
  • 8 bits signed
  • 16 bits unsigned
  • 16 bits signed
  • 32 bits unsigned
  • 32 bits signed
  • 32 bits floats
  • 64 bits floats

The first submenu option of this list (8 bits unsigned) has the same result as Decimal Numbers to Clipboard, because it copies the values shown in the Decimal View. The other menu options are linked to values shown in the Data Types Editor.

Example: There is a selection with the following eight bytes: 103, 0, 0, 61, 104, 0, 0, 61. You choose sub menu 32 bits unsigned of the menu option Data Types to Clipboard. The clipboard will contain the text: 1023410279 1023410280

If you want to copy 16 bits integers to the clipboard, the selection size must be divisible by two. If you want to copy 32 bits integers, the selection size must be divisible by four. And 64 bits floating points need a selection size that is divisible by eight.

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