Starflower Software EditAll EditAll manual

Find Menu

Opens the Search window. You can search for data in the current file, and also count the occurrences in the file. You can search for text, decimal numbers or hexadecimal numbers.
Find Next
Searches the next occurrence of the data specified in the Search window.
Opens the Replace window. The replace option of EditAll searches for text, decimal numbers and hexadecimal numbers in the file, and replaces it by the data you specify. Click on the Replace button to replace one occurrence. Replace All replaces all occurrences.
Exact Location
Go to an exact location. Enter a decimal, hexadecimal or binary number here to set the cursor position. Choose Select to new position to make a new selection from the current location to the new location, or to extend the current selection to the new location.
Start of File
Moves to the first byte of the file.
End of File
Moves to the end of the file.