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Data Types from Clipboard

The Data Types from Clipboard action is available from the Options menu.

When the clipboard or a file contains numbers (as text), you can store them as:

  • 8 bits unsigned integers
  • 8 bits signed integers
  • 16 bits unsigned integers
  • 16 bits signed integers
  • 32 bits unsigned integers
  • 32 bits signed integers
  • 32 bits floating points
  • 64 bits floating points

The first menu option of this list has the same result as Decimal Numbers from Clipboard. It pastes 8 bits unsigned values to the file. You can read them in the Decimal View. You can see the results of the other menu options in the Data Types Editor.


Type the following text in a word processor: 20000 -500 31000
Copy this text to the clipboard.
Choose from the menu: Extra, Data Types from Clipboard, 16 bits signed.
The following values will be pasted to the file: 32 78 12 254 24 121
Move the cursor to first of these bytes (value 32) and press F6. The Data Types window shows 20000 -500 31000 at on the row with the label: Signed 16 bits.

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