EditAll - File editor

EditAll is a file editor that can read and edit any file format, because it works on the level of the bits and bytes. This is useful if you have no other suitable editor available for a specific data format.

Description of the software

The main window

Example screen: main window
Fig. 1. The main window. Click to enlarge.
EditAll is a hex-editor - you can edit files in hexadecimal format. The main window can show the file's content in three formats:
  • Text: Shows the bytes of the file interpreted as text.
  • Decimal numbers: numbers in the range of 0 to 255.
  • Hexadecimal numbers: numbers in the range of 00 to FF.

Figure 1 shows the main window, with all three views open. The size of the views can be adjusted.

The information in the main window can be edited.

The information you see on the screen can be copied to the clipboard, and pasted in other programs.

Example window: Data Type Editor
Fig. 2. The Data Types Editor. Click to enlarge.

The Data Types Editor

With the Data Types Editor (Figure 2) you can view and edit the data as:
  • Hexadecimal numbers
  • 8 bits signed or unsigned integers
  • 16 bits signed or unsigned integers
  • 32 bits signed or unsigned integers
  • 32 bits floating points
  • 64 bits floating points

The 8 bits unsigned values are equal to the decimal numbers of the main window. The main window is updated simultaneously when you change the file here.

Example window: Binary Editory
Fig. 3. The Binary Editor. Click to enlarge.

The Binary Editor

With the Binary Editor (Figure 3) you can get and set individual bits of the file. The part that is edited is highlighted in the main window.

Additional features

  • Undo and redo. In several steps you can undo all changes.
  • Search and replace text, decimal or hexadecimal numbers
  • Read Only mode
  • Keep File Size mode
  • Insert mode (default: off)
  • Copy text or numbers to the clipboard in various formats.
  • Paste text or numbers from the clipboard into the file.
  • Integrated help. Contains an explanation of the menus and editing windows.

Text extraction

EditAll can also be used as a quick and safe text extraction tool, when you do not want to open a document in the default application (for example MSWord). Although intermingled with control codes, in many instances, you will be able to view and extract the text included in documents.

Freeware - Full version

The full version is available for free: (donations)

Download: EditAllSetup.exe (1 Mb)

For the operating systems Windows 95 to Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, (32 or 64 bits)

Related document: EditAll manual.

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