Starflower Software EditAll EditAll manual

Options Menu

Read Only Turn on the Read Only mode to prevent the file to change. The file cannot be modified (by this instance of EditAll) as long as the Read Only option is checked. You can still scroll through the file, copy to the clipboard and search for items using Search from the Find menu.
Keep File Size at... Turn on this mode if you want to modify a file without changing its size. The file size will not change as long as this option is checked.

Replacing is still possible in this mode, provided that the data to search for, and the data to replace with, have the same size.

Pressing backspace or delete normally decreases the file size. However, when Keep File Size is on, then the byte's value is set to the current fill character (by default byte value 0), and the file size keeps constant.

When Keep File Size is on, the Undo and Redo options of the Edit Menu will not be available if they would change the file size.
Insert Mode
When the Insert Mode is on, typing text in the text view will insert the typed character, instead of replacing the current byte by the typed character.

When the Insert Mode is on, the Paste option will insert bytes instead of overwriting file data.

The Insert mode is not available when the Read Only mode or the Keep File Size mode is turned on.

Disable undo/redo When undo/redo is enabled, the undo/redo history is saved in memory. When undo/redo is disabled, EditAll is faster, and uses less memory. This is especially usefull when doing a large replace-all.
Set Fill Character... This option sets the character that EditAll uses to fill new or cleared bytes. For example, when the option Insert a Number of Bytes... is chosen, the new bytes will contain the Fill Character. If Keep File Size is on, pressing Delete will also set the selected byte(s) to this value. The default value of the fill character is 0.

This menu item has three sub items:

  • Zero (0)
  • Space (32)
  • Other Value...
Choose the third sub item if you want to set a value other than 0 or 32.
First byte is byte 1 When this option is enabled, the numbering of the bytes in the file starts at 1 (one) and not at 0 (zero).
Colors This option allows you to define the colors of the EditAll screen.

Background: background color of EditAll and the color of text at the cursor

Background Selection: background color of the selection

Selected Text Color: selected text color

Text Color 1: color of text in odd columns in the Decimal and Hexadecimal View, and the background color of the cursor

Text Color 2: color of text in even columns in the Decimal and Hexadecimal View

Extra Cursors: background color of the extra cursors. The extra cursors mark the byte at the cursor position in the other views.