Starflower Software EditAll EditAll manual


This is the manual of EditAll. This help file contains information on how to use this program.
The left side of this window shows the available help topics. If you click on one of them, it will open on this side, at the right.

With EditAll you can view and edit files. Each byte of the opened file is shown in three ways:

  • a text character,
  • a decimal number
  • and a hexadecimal number.

You can enter text by using the Text View at the left of the screen. You can enter decimal values in the Decimal View in the middle, or hexadecimal values in the Hexadecimal View at the right. When a byte is changed, the three views are updated simultaneously.

You can select a view by pressing tab one or two times. A closed view can be reached by double clicking, an open view by clicking. If a view is too small, drag one of the sizers to resize it.

A Binary Editor and a Data Types Editor are available in separate windows.