Dimlog features

Time recording

Time recording

  • Dimlog records the time when the start and stop button is clicked.

System tray

  • Time recording can be done from the system tray.

Time entry

Manual time entry

  • Manually entering the start and stop time of a work session can be done in a separate screen (See image on the right). Existing time session are visualised as black rectangles. Dimlog checks if a newly entered time session will overlap with existing sessions.

Detailed time entry

  • You can customize which properties of a time session a user must specify when he logs time. For example: projects, hourly rate, people, and type of activity.
  • The category structure is hierarchical. This means that projects can have subprojects.


  • Multi-user access is possible when the Dimlog-file is stored on a shared location on your network. No additional software needs to be installed on your server. Dimlog only requires regular file access.
  • Dimlog can be configured to be single-user, simply by storing the Dimlog file on a non-shared location on your own computer.
  • Note: Dimlog is not web-based. It is a native Windows application.

To-do list

To-do list

  • There is a shared to-do list. Each to-do item has a description, a priority and a due date.
  • The to-do list is linked to the project structure.


Timesheets and other statistics

  • Dimlog can generate a printable timesheet of a week.
  • Various statistics are available: The time spent on a category or on a combination of categories, or within a certain time span.
  • There are graphs of the time spent on a series of days, weeks or months.
  • Statistics can be exported to a file.


File links repository

  • Store links to related files and web pages.
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