Product Tour - Blue Sky Project Tracker

Web-based time tracking software
  1. The log in screen of Blue Sky Project Tracker. This example shows Internet Explorer. Also supported are Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.
  2. The administrator has logged in. In this example screen, the administrator views the projects and their description. On the left side, the administrator's menu is shown. (In the next screenshots this menu will not be included to save space)
  3. A regular user, called Ryan, has logged in. This is the first screen that is displayed after log on. Looking at this screen, Ryan can see that he has to start filling the time that he spent starting from February 17th, because on the days before, 8 hours have been booked already. Clicking on that day in the calendar, will move us to the next screen...
  4. This screen displays the time spent (and the expenses) of one week. At this moment, 24 hours have been booked on this week (and $ 5). To start filling in the remaining data, Ryan double-clicks on February 17th, which moves us to the next screen...
  5. This is the same screen as the previous one, except that the Add Time Entry window has opened. The user is asked to select the Project he has worked on (from a list), enter for how long he worked on the project (Duration), and optionally fill in a description of the activity (Notes).
  6. The complete week has now been entered. Ryan has also submitted the timesheet for approval by his manager John. It is optional to use the timesheet approval feature. The currently selected day is highlighted in yellow.
  7. Manager John is now logged in. In this report, he sees how far his people have filled in their timesheets. He can see that Ryan has filled in a new 40h. week (02/14/2011) and submitted it for this approval. John may click on the week to review what Ryan has filled in.
  8. This is an example of the data you can extract from the Project Tracker database. This report can be exported to Excel format.
  9. This report shows the time spent by each user (in the columns of the table), per month on each of the projects (table rows). The user can choose what will be in the rows and columns of the table.
  10. In this stacked bar chart, the the number of hours spent per project per month is displayed graphically.
    This completes the product tour.

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